AlpicAir universal ceiling/floor units are designed to be suspended from a ceiling or mounted low on a wall. The slender and lightweight design is perfect for restaurants or hallways where wall space is limited. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the universal ceiling/floor units are a great fit beneath windows, in public or light commercial applications. Powered by energy efficient inverter and a variable speed compressor.

Auto-restart function

Turbo mode


Low ambient cooling

Louver position memory

3D air flow

Technical data

User manual
Remote controller manual
Cooling capacity, kW
Heating capacity, kW
Cooling efficiency (EER)
Heating efficiency (COP)
Ventilator air flow (Hi/Med/Low), m³/h
Indoor unit sound pressure (Lp) (Hi/Med/Low), dB(A)
Indoor unit dimensions (W×H×D), mm
Indoor unit weight, kg
Outdoor unit weight, kg

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